What defines top media companies? Is it the history of the company? Or is it the content it produces? Perhaps it’s the money it makes. After all, that’s what every business is around for. Let’s take all these aspects and put them together to figure out which is the top media company as of the end of 2014.

15. Rogers Communications (RCI)

Rogers Communications, a Canadian service provider, is split into the Rogers Wireless, Rogers Cable and Rogers Media divisions. Their branches include mobile phone and telecommunication services, TV and radio and video, cable, newspapers and sports teams.

14. Thomson Reuters Corporation

A merger was formed between Canadian information service provider Thomson and British news agency Reuters. Their revenue in 2010 was upwards of $13 billion. They focus their attention on the economical and financial industries.

13. Dish Network Corporation

With a 2013 revenue of $13.9 billion, Dish sits comfortably at 13 on our list. The company formerly known as EchoStar Communications own and lease a total of 14 satellites in space, giving them a huge advantage in the US cable network system. EchoStar Holdings Co. still goes on in the hardware business of the satellites and receivers.

12. Vivendi S.A.

Vivendi is number one in France and number eight in the world in the list of largest companies in the world. In 2009, 56% of their total revenue came from telecommunications.

11. Liberty Media Corp. /Liberty Interactive

They specialize in producing and distributing programs, providing internet and cable network services. For 30 years, she has been a giant in the US and global media industry.

10. Cox Enterprises Inc.

The first entry into our top ten is a company that generated $15.9 billion in 2013. They employ 66,000 people and are also the number ten on the largest media companies’ list in the United States.

9. Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA

This one company consists of 1,200 others, has shareholdings in at least 50 countries and employs 106,000 people. This makes it Europe’s biggest media company, earning $16.4 billion in 2013.

8. Sony Entertainment

They may have been hacked in 2014 but so high is their position among media companies in the world that it still makes a high position on our list. There are over 900 subsidiaries of Sony Entertainment all over the world, 40 of those in Japan.

7. Viacom Inc. /CBS Corp.

In 2006, Viacom split into two, Viacom Inc. and CBS Corp. CBS mainly works the free TV industry whereas Viacom owns cable brands such as MTV, Hollywood and Nickelodeon and also the film production company Paramount.

6. Time Warner Inc.

$29.8 billion is nothing to sniff at. Various mergers had to be signed to create Time Warner; including New Line Cinema, HBO and Turner Broadcasting System. Of course, there is the original Time (publisher) and Warner Bros. (studio).

5. DirecTV, LLC

The biggest supplier of pay TV in the US was bought by AT&T in 2014 for $48.5 billion. In 2013, DirecTV made $31.8 billion. That is comfortably number 5 material.

4. News Corp. Ltd. /21st Century Fox

Fox earns the lion’s share of revenue for the company. The branches of this media juggernaut include newspaper and book publishing, TV and film production and internet properties.

3. The Walt Disney Company

Think Marvel Cinematic Universe to get a scope on how big this company really is. Disney is the second largest media company in the world right now and could easily jump to number one given the number of subsidiaries: ABC, Buena Vista, Touchstone, Marvel to name but a few.

2. Google Inc.

No, it’s not just a search engine. It is the fastest search engine in the world that has quickly grown into one of the world’s biggest media companies—and biggest companies overall. In 2013 they generated $59.8 billion with 96% of that coming through advertising.

1. Comcast

At the forefront of our list is Comcast—the largest media company in the world today. In 2011, 23 million US customers subscribed to their services. These SEO services range from video on demand to internet, communication and film production.